Another skirt…

Initially I wasn’t going to blog about this skirt, but then I thought, “why not?” So here it is. It is one of my favorite patterns – McCall’s 3341. This is a very easy pattern for an A-line skirt which is flattering on just about anyone. This can be made in a few hours (yes it really is that easy). Honestly, it took me a few days because I got distracted – LOL!

This is made from a wine-colored corduroy. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern (which can be made in 5 lengths, by the way) but I did use an invisible zipper since that’s what I had and the color matched perfectly. There was a time, not too long ago, when I dreaded using invisible zippers because they were so difficult for me to get right. Now, I can hardly remember how to insert a regular zipper (I actually had to look it up). Practice makes progress as some people like to say.

The blouse in the picture is another McCall’s pattern – 2094. It may be OOP, but it’s a great basic blouse pattern with different sleeve lengths.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Happy sewing everyone!

5 thoughts on “Another skirt…

  1. Oh Denise – a skirt (and entire outfit) after my own heart. I love that it's corduroy and that it is A-line and the color is fabulous, not to mention you've styled it perfectly. You look like an Ohio State Buckeye whose colors are Scarlet and Gray! Nice work!

  2. Gorgeous color! Rich enough for fall but bright enough for spring. I've been wanting to try sewing something in corduroy. If I can find a piece as nice as yours I'll try to conquer my fear of managing those wales!

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