Burda skirt progress

I started making this a few days before Christmas, then picked it up again the other day. It’s the BurdaStyle skirt form the 9/2010 issue (#106B). I really liked it in the magazine, so I thought I’d give it a try. I made the muslin and all went well. The material is a corduroy (I think). I really like the camel color, and I’ve had this material so long, I thought I should use it. I still have to sew the lining and insert the zipper. I’ve never gotten an invisible zipper to go in right the first time (I always mess up one side), so I’m hoping this will be a first-time success.

2 thoughts on “Burda skirt progress

  1. This skirt is already cute. Even though it's incomplete. Don't you just love courdoroy? The color is nice too! Hope your zipper goes in easily….practice makes permanent – soon you'll be doing it with ease! – if you're not already! Nice work!

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