Burda Style Dress 10-2014 #105

When I first saw this dress I was really intrigued. I liked it, but I was wondering if I could really have success with the pattern. If any of you have ever made a dress from the Burda Style magazine, you may know what I’m talking about. I wasn’t concerned about the tracing (I’ve gotten the hang of that for the most part). But, the directions for these patterns are minimal, at best. It’s just very different from using a pattern from the “big four”. But I was determined to get it done!

And I’m so glad I did! The lines of the dress are very simple. And there are only three pieces, so I figured as long as I didn’t put the sleeves in some weird place, I’d be okay.


I think this dress could be made from a bold print (obviously) or a more subtle solid. It’s up to you. I think that’s what makes the best patterns and makes those patterns classics.

The sleeves are about 4″ longer than normal according to the pattern, so I actually shortened those when I traced. I actually didn’t have enough fabric and I really wanted to use this piece, so I wanted to make sure I could fit everything (I also don’t like super-long sleeves). I actually couldn’t get the neck/shoulder right because I couldn’t understand what the instructions were saying to do. But I knew what it was supposed to look like, so I basically had to work backwards for that section. After that, the dress was really easy. This is the kind of thing I can see myself making again. And maybe I’ll get it right next time – LOL!

12 thoughts on “Burda Style Dress 10-2014 #105

  1. Denise you did a great job! Especially considering you were not able to figure out the instructions for the shoulder piece, and looks great! It should be really proud of yourself to

  2. Beautiful! I would love to wear this exact same dress in this exact same fabric. I have a few burda mag in the stash, but cannot remember this particular dress… maybe I should recheck just in case by luck it is in one of mine too!

  3. I just saw this dress on another blog. The more I see it, the more I like it! Good job with this and I agree a bold print or a solid color will work for this.

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