Casual Living – McCall’s 7195 Sweatshirt

I made this McCall’s woven sweatshirt last week. Although, I actually used a knit that doesn’t have a lot of stretch. In all honesty, I found some material that I really liked so I was anxious to try it for this top. 

This is a picture of View C which is the one I made. There are variations for the sleeves and hem line. 

I used a textured knit for the shirt which made it more interesting without making it more difficult. 

I made this in large, although the next time I would make it closer to medium. I really need to pay more attention to the finished measurements on the envelope, rather than going by my measurements. It’s a bit more full than necessary or what I would normally like. I think that might not be as much of an issue using a woven material. But, It is comfortable and very easy to make. Next time I will use the suggested types of fabrics (like you’re supposed to do – ha ha).

All in all, I do like the pattern. I like that there are sleeve options and hemline options so you can get a different look depending on what you choose to do. This only took a few hours to put together, so it’s a quick and easy project.

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13 thoughts on “Casual Living – McCall’s 7195 Sweatshirt

  1. It suits you and loks warm and comfortabe. I wonder if a medium would be better though, it does seem a trifle large….but never mind! It can be worn when you want to be really casual and on chilly evenings watching the television. Good job! Happy Christmas!

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