5 Reasons to Love Butterick 3460

The minute I put these on, I knew it was love at first wear. Here are my reasons to make this pattern:

1. It’s a super easy pattern to make. Because it’s so easy, that also means it’s quick. Sometimes you don’t have time for lots of detailed sewing. You just want to get a project done.

2. They are stylish and comfortable. I used a rayon challis for this. You want to use a light to medium weight fabric for this so that they will “flow” in the breeze (think palazzo pants without the fullness).

3. Options. This pattern includes pants, capris, shorts, long skirt and knee-length skirt.

4. They have pockets! If you are like me, that’s a detail you’ll appreciate.

5. The straight styling would flatter almost any figure.

That;s all for now. I’m off to find some material in my stash to make the shorts from this pattern!

*The top is from an old Kwik Sew pattern 2948. Here’s the post if you want to check it out.

Completed the jacket – B6104

I finally got the jacket I’d been working on done. I feel like it’s been forever, but it was really only about two weeks. There are quite a few pieces to the pattern, but once you get going, it really isn’t hard to sew together.

I made View D, which is the one with a high collar. The fabric is a wool blend coating I bought from LowPriceFabric.com. It’s raspberry wool with a lining to match.

I have to say I really LOVE this jacket. It’s warm (it was in the 30’s when I took these pictures). And the fit is great. I didn’t change anything about the pattern. That’s what I like.

The length of this view was perfect for me. I could see myself making this again using a different view and a different type of fabric. I think this pattern is pretty versatile in that regard.

One more thing, this is a picture of the robe I made at the end of last year. It’s red fleece and very warm and cozy.

I used McCall’s 4320 for this which has been my go-to pattern for robes and pj pants.

What I’m working on

Right now I’m working on this top from Butterick (5420). It’s view A with the short sleeves. The material is a cotton knit I bought from Fabric.com a while ago. I’m really trying to work through some of the stash of fabric that I have. So, I’ve been matching new patterns with some of the fabric that I already have in hopes that I can reduce the number of bins of fabric that I currently have. I have now idea about the yardage total – it’s way too much to count.


I finished the top. I think that it’s OK, but I’m just not loving it. I prefer to were things that are not so low cut. I didn’t realize that this would be quite as low as it is. Also, since my upper measurements fit in with the size 16, that’s what I made, but I certainly could have gone down to the 14. But, ‘live and learn’ as they say. The material is cotton voile and the lining polyester. I’ve always avoided sheer or really light-weight fabrics in the past, but this was easy to work with. It’s not slippery which made it east to handle. I do like the ‘floaty-ness’ of the fabric.

Not sure what my next project will be. I found a pair of jeans that I had cut out about a year and a half ago – LOL. They should (hopefully) still fit, so maybe I’ll finally put those together.

Sunday baking and what I’m working on…

I usually try not to sew on Sundays (everyone needs a break). Instead, yesterday I made “turtle brownies” from scratch from the “Betty Crocker Best of Baking” cookbook. They’re really good (better than they look in the picture). And yes, I realize that one is missing…I can’t serve what I haven’t tasted, right!?!

As far as sewing, I’m working on Butterick 5485. I’m making the short top. I hope to finish this week. I sometimes push myself to complete something for the sake of completing it that I don’t do as good a job as I would like. So, I’m trying to slow myself down a little.