T-shirt and Craftsy Class

I took advantage of one of the Craftsy sales last year and bought a bunch of classes. One of those was “The Ultimate T-Shirt” class given by Marcy and Katherine Tilton. The pattern for the class is Vogue 8793. In the class you’re told how to make simple alterations to the pattern and given some options for how to finish the neck seam.

I made the shirt from a reversible cotton knit I bought at Jo-Ann’s last year.

I thought the class was great. I got some ideas for finishing and fitting that I probably wouldn’t have considered had I not taken the class. 

In all honesty, the pattern itself is not one that I would have chosen had it not come with the class. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my style. I’m much more the “traditional” T-shirt person. I think this shirt could use some more alteration at the bottom so that it doesn’t flare out (I don’t like that. I might have inadvertently stretched the fabric).

Anyway, the shirt is VERY comfortable and I like that I was able to use the pattern of the material in the shirt. But, I do like the idea of creating a T-shirt as art concept that the Tilton’s have.

Having said all that, I could see myself using the pattern again. I would just take more time for fitting.