Easy Spring/Summer Shirtdress…McCall’s 6885

I made another dress for warm weather. This time I used M6885 which is a shirtdress with a front band/placket. This pattern is for woven material and has a variety of sleeve and style options. Frankly, I wanted to make a shirtdress and this one was much easier than some of my other patterns because it only has the four buttons in front, rather than several going down to the hem. With that being said, this is a pull-over style dress. 

I made View C, which they say to use cording as your belt. I like it unbelted, but you can certainly use what you like for the belt. 

I didn’t make any changes to this pattern. The material I used is a cotton shirting so it washes well and is lightweight (great for hot, humid summer days).

Now, on to the next project (once I figure out what that will be). Happy sewing…

Springtime Sewing in Winter Part 2

The other top I made was a button-front, cotton shirt using McCall’s 6613. This is the second time I’ve used this pattern and I really like it. This first time I used this pattern is here.

This is made from a Pima cotton which is awesome for this type of project. It washes great (no wrinkles) and is comfortable and light-weight. 

Although this is a small, next time I think I’ll make a medium. This is an easy pattern to make and it features a lot of info on how to  fit and/or alter the pattern to get the fit you like. 

I have more projects planned for the near future. So, until next time… Happy Sewing everyone!

It’s A Gray Day…Another McCall’s 6803 Sweater

Before I put this pattern away, I decided to make another one. This time, I used a quilted cotton knit fabric. I made View A which is the same style as the previous one I made here, but the new version is all one color. I used the same fabric for the trim rather than contrasting colors. 

This sweater is so warm and cozy! I got the material at JoAnn’s and decided that this would be the perfect pattern to try it out on. 

My biggest problem was finding buttons that were the right size and color. That seems to be a recurring problem. I’ve also read other bloggers mention something similar. Anyway, the heather gray fabric is one of my favorites for Fall.

So, until next time…

Happy sewing!

McCall’s 5248 Nightgown

I wanted something cute to wear to bed (other than my usual top and shorts), so I decided to make this nightgown. I’ve had this pattern for a while (I believe it’s out-of-print at this time), but I never made the gown. 

And since this wouldn’t take a lot of material, I figured I could also use up another piece of fabric from my stash. I had recently bought a similar style nightgown (Calvin Klein) from Nordstrom during the sale, so I knew I would like this style. Although the one I bought is knit, it’s the same basic style.

I worked on this yesterday. The whole thing took about 4-5 hours from start to finish. I wasn’t in a hurry, but if I was, it could have been done in just a few hours. 

I used a cotton shirting material that washes well and doesn’t wrinkle too much. It’s also very soft and gets softer the more it’s washed.

All in all, a pretty easy project.

McCall’s 5252 – DONE!

This is a situation where I purchased the fabric without a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it. Well, that was probably about 5 years ago. Then about 2 years ago, when I decided I would make this top, I got everything prepped and ready to go. But, then it went nowhere. So I finally decided to go ahead and get it done. Of course, it only took a few hours of actual sewing time to put this together.

Anyway, it’s warm, comfortable, and it fits well. I did shorten it quite a bit. I think the top would have been too long otherwise. It is made from fleece, so it’s very soft. It’s pretty straight-forward. I would definitely make something like this again. The pattern has lots of variations, so for me, this is a pattern worth having.

And since I joined the RTW (ready-to-wear) fast, I feel good and motivated that I’ve gotten another project done!

Shorts completed!

I finished my second pair of Colette Patterns “Iris” shorts the other day. These are so comfortable and easy to make. Also, this is the only shorts pattern that I didn’t have to alter in any way. In the pictures I paired this up with the McCall’s jacket (6172) I made a while back. I used the same material for the shorts so that I could have this shorts “suit”.

Now as the end of summer approaches, I need to think about what to sew for Fall. I’ve been looking through magazines to get some inspiration as well as looking through my own closet to see what’s needed. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having as much as possible.

Happy sewing everyone!