Sasha Pants from Closet Case Patterns

As I work through building up my wardrobe basics this year (and sewing through my fabulous fabric stash), I realized I am in need of some dress pants. I had purchased this pattern when It first came out and have finally gotten around to making them.



This is a PDF pattern that you can either tape together or print large size. There are two variations on the pants, one with front pockets and full length and one without the pockets and more of an ankle length. You can also make them with or without back welt pockets.

The adjustments I made to get these to fit were my usual for pants – a wedge & spread in the center back seam (full butt adjustment) and lengthening the center back seam about 1/4″ at the crotch.

Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers

I did not need to make a waistband adjustment (I usually don’t with dress pants). These were made using a ponte knit in a dark charcoal gray (similar to this). The pattern itself is designed for using stretch wovens, but I was determined to use what I already had. The pants have a really nice feel to them and the fabric choice means they are also warm.

This was my first time making back welt pockets. While these weren’t technically correct, they did seem to be even so I left them alone!

Next time,  I want to try in a woven material (maybe stretch linen like this). And they will probably be without the back welts.  Anyway, I would recommend this pattern. I think it give a nice fit and is fairly easy to make. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to understand.

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I’m still at it…

I lost my “sew-jo” for a while, but now I’m back. I’m still working on the pants I started a couple of weeks ago (Simplicity 2860). There’s nothing wrong with the pattern and it’s not difficult, I just suffered from a lack of motivation, although I really want them done. 

I could really use a pair of non-jean pants! I did make a muslin of these and that fit perfectly. I hope that these will fit as well. I say that because I did have to cut the zipper shorter than I had expected.

I’m almost at the stage where I can try these on (later today). My only disappointment (if you want to call it that) is that the material is not as thick as I thought. It’s fine for this time of year, but, I will have to make a pair of pants from some heavier, suit-weight material for the cold weather. But this charcoal gray is one of my favorite colors for something like this in the Fall.

In the meantime, it’s back to the sewing room for me.

Happy sewing everyone!

Burda Style Trousers 02-2015 #132

Like I said before, I love to challenge myself. So along with some other sewing challenges, I added my self to the Burda challenge where you make something from the magazine for that month each month. This time around, I chose these pants. The only “problem” is that this was a “plus-size” pattern. Well, Burda’s plus size isn’t that much different from my regular size, so I thought I’d give it a try. I traced the pattern but did not add any seam allowance.

I made a muslin and decided it needed a center back seam adjustment, so I added 1 inch there. I used a regular 5/8 inch seam allowance when sewing.

They do have a loose fit (they’re supposed to). I could take in the front crotch area a little bit next time. But overall, I’m very pleased.

I usually see things in the magazine that I would like to try, but I never have the nerve to give it a shot. So this has helped me overcome some of my “fears”!
I also like the pocket detail of these pants. Functional side pockets and gusseted pockets just add a little more style to an elastic-waist pant.

By the way, I only have the shirt tucked in so you can see the details on the pants. Otherwise, I would not wear it this way.

Ahh, that’s more like it!