Springtime Sewing in Winter Part 1…

I made three tops (much needed) over the past couple of weeks. Two were from Kwik Sew 2948 and one was from McCall’s 6613 (I’ll get to this one in the next post).

The Kwik Sew was used to make two sleeveless turtlenecks, which are GREAT for layering. When I was younger, I used to wonder what was the point of having a sleeveless turtleneck. After all, weren’t turtlenecks made to keep you warm? Well, now in my 50’s, I totally get it. You can stay warm, but not overheat. You can also stay cool, but not cold if used as a layer.

The red is a ponte knit, which was not the best choice for this. It really doesn’t have enough stretch.

The blue is a cotton interlock which was perfect for this. It’s got the right amount of stretch and great recovery. 

This top is super easy (only three pieces) and can be made from very little fabric in about 30 minutes or less. 

I’ve had this pattern for years, but it took the blizzard for me to pull it out again and finally make it. I’m only sorry I didn’t do it sooner! But it’s not too late for me to make more… And since the pattern is for a set with matching cardigan in two different styles, it’s very versatile.  The only change I would make for the top is to add just a few more inches in length. I think it might tuck in better or not ride up if it was a wee bit longer.

Also, I finally made a Facebook page for the blog. I’m still working on it, but it’s where you can find my blog posts, craft projects and any other fashion/sewing info I find interesting that I don’t blog about. Here’s the link it you want to check it out: click here.

I didn’t want this post to be too long, so I’ll post about the shirt I made (M6613) in the next post.

Until next time…

Completed a Spring dress

This is Simplicity 1586, although when I bought it, it was numbered 0502. It’s one of the Amazing Fit dresses that can be color blocked or solid color with sleeve and neck variations. I made this in View A, which is the short-sleeve dress.

I was able to use some fabric I had left over from a Spring coat I made last year for Easter. The dress is unlined and goes together very easily. The only change I made was I shortened the length which led me to eliminate the vent in the back (it really wasn’t necessary for walking ease).

Other than that, there really isn’t too much to say about this process. It’s very straightforward. It’s just a good, simple pattern to have!

Spring has sprung…or so they say

I finished the Colette Patterns Clover pants #1019 that I’ve been working on. It took 3 muslins of different sizes to get it right. But, once I found the right size, I didn’t have to make any fit alterations. I made Version 1, which is the longer pant. The only “change’ I made is that I did not include the pockets.

I wanted a floral print pant, so I found this fabric at G Street Fabrics. It’s a stretch cotton.

But, since I wasn’t sure how to wear something like this, I tried it on with some different style tops and shoes. I personally like the one above for very casual wear. Here are the other pictures.

The peplum and heels dresses it up a bit. Anyway, I think the pattern is great. I would make this again in a solid (and maybe a different type of floral). This is actually an easy pattern to put together and doesn’t take long to make, by the way.

Finished in time…

My goal in making a Spring coat for myself was to get it done in time for Easter. That almost didn’t happen, because I almost gave up. I used BurdaStyle 7072. It was exactly what I wanted my coat to look like. The only thing is I had a little trouble putting one section together. The side-panel and under-sleeve piece just about did me in. I followed instructions, but as sometimes happens with Burda, the instructions seemed rather skimpy in this area. As a result, I never could get it to go together exactly right. Fortunately, I knew what it was supposed to look like, so I did the best I could and actually hand-sewed the fabric pieces together rather than use the sewing machine. By the time I did the lining, I think I figured out what the instructions didn’t say and that went together by machine pretty easily. In any case, I’m happy with the result (and happier I stuck with it). Usually around here (in the Washington, DC area), Spring, if we have one, can be very short before we go right into summer temperatures. So far, Spring has been exceptionally and unusually cool. 

Anyway, the coat is made from a polyester fabric and the lining is a silky lining fabric. I had both of these in my stash so I was glad to get some use out of both of these pieces. I have enough left to make a skirt so I may do that at a later date.

Otherwise the coat went together very smoothly with no other issues. This is something that I’m not sure I would make again, just because the style is pretty distinct. But I do like it very much.

Spring is in the air…

I’ve been trying to gear up for some spring sewing even though winter has tried to hang on. But now that it seems that the seasons might really be changing, I have a few things planned. I read the Spring fashion edition of InStyle Magazine and got some ideas. One article featured coats which I really liked.

 Then, I found this pattern from Burda Style which I think I’ll try.

In the meantime, I’m working on a navy blue blazer. I still have to attach the lining. So I hope everything goes well for the rest of it. I made really good welt pockets for the first time in my life, so I don’t want to screw-up now!

The goal is to finish this weekend, so I’ll see how it goes.