Vogue 8879

This is one of the patterns I bought on one of my pattern-buying binges. It’s a pullover top with different variations (it’s a nice T-shirt pattern). There are several things I really like about this. It’s very easy and quick to sew (like, a couple hours start to finish even if you’re slow). I made mine almost entirely on the serger. I made View A which has the 3/4 sleeves; then I made A with shorter sleeves. I like that the shirt is longer in the back which makes it visually interesting, but also covers the rear if you make it long enough. I like that because it can be worn as a tunic.
This is the first one I made from a lightweight cotton knit (bought at Hobby Lobby, of all places). As you can see, the neckline is low (too low for me). I figured it would be, but wanted to make it anyway. So the next one I made, I raised the neckline by a couple of inches. That worked out really well. This one is a cotton knit fabric.

You can also see the length of the top. Then I made a short-sleeve top from a rayon poly knit fabric (I’ve had the fabric so long, I can’t remember the exact name of it) Anyway, the short-sleeve is nice as well.
I basically made all of these in a weekend which is a record for me. I figured I had the pattern out and had already made the alterations, I might as well keep going! I’d like to make a couple more from a lightweight cotton knit, because when it gets hot here in the summer, it gets very humid as well.
That’s all for now. Happy sewing everyone!