Work in progress… Vogue 8758

This is a different kind of post for me. Normally, I don’t tell you what I’m working on. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to know or that it’s some kind of secret. It’s because I’m always thinking “what if I mess this up” or “what if I get bored with this and don’t finish it?”. So I’m taking a chance – LOL! I started making this dress about a week ago, and honestly wanted it finished last weekend, but I didn’t quite make my self-imposed timeline. Anyway, I’m almost done.


My version will have 3/4 sleeves. I am determined to use some of my massive stash of fabric. So I had the black fabric (polyester gabardine), but I didn’t have enough of the burgundy/black (poly wool blend) to make long sleeves, so I had to shorten them. So far, so good. I’m trying to finish this sooner than later so I can move on to other things. Maybe by the time I’m done, I can think of some place to go so I can wear it (my anniversary is coming up next month…)!

What I’m working on

Right now I’m working on this top from Butterick (5420). It’s view A with the short sleeves. The material is a cotton knit I bought from a while ago. I’m really trying to work through some of the stash of fabric that I have. So, I’ve been matching new patterns with some of the fabric that I already have in hopes that I can reduce the number of bins of fabric that I currently have. I have now idea about the yardage total – it’s way too much to count.

WIP S3789

Right now I’m working on View F of Simplicity 3789. I’m probably about half-way through this. I have never made this pattern, even though I’ve had it for years. I’m using a cotton blend shirting fabric from Joann Fabrics (also something that I’ve had for a couple of years). I’m really trying to make at least one garment a month. My time is running out for April, so I hope to stay motivated.