Completed McCall’s 6172

Okay I did it. I finished the jacket I have been putting off making for a few years now. I only started this last week, but I’ve had the pattern for a few years now. I really liked it, but I was afraid of giving it a try with the welt pockets, the fit, etc. You name it, I made excuses for it. Anyway, I used some fabric I had at home (sort of a linen blend). I’m really happy with the results AND it wasn’t difficult to make at all. I must say that I am a person who will follow directions when making something that I’m either unfamiliar with or am having trouble with. I did what the instructions said and got great results. Even the welt pockets turned out great.

And with the added flap:

I said I would challenge myself this year and so far I have and things have turned out pretty well. The things that haven’t turned out have been “learning experiences”. I do want to make another jacket like this one in another color, but I’m not sure when it will happen. There are so many things I have planned in my head to sew… I’m really trying to get the things done that I will get the most use out of before tackling some other things.

18 thoughts on “Completed McCall’s 6172

  1. You did a very nice job on this jacket and I agree, you have come a long way! You skills have improved greatly! Keep challenging yourself…it only gets better!

  2. Over here from Lady Lydia's blog. Hello! I must say, I'm impressed with the outcome of your efforts. I'm kind of a timid sewist, myself…though once I get going, I find I do enjoy it, & I've had more successes than failures. Really, I'm a better knitter.

    I may have to hunt up the pattern you used on this little jacket. I always think blazers make a nice addition to most women's wardrobes…they're just so versatile.


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