Did I do that?

I haven’t made pants in

a while. It’s been so long that I have talked myself out of it for about 6 months. Anyway, I had cut this muslin out (about 6 months ago) and never got around to putting it together. So today I finished it. Much to my surprise, the pants fit! It’s Simplicity 2562. It’s one of those “Amazing Fit” series patterns. I did not put in a zipper, so the front is closed with safety pins. But I must say I have impressed myself. Now the issue is whether or not I like them enough to make them out of fashion fabric. I did adjust the inseam (standard for me) but that was the only alteration I made. I’m just not sure if the pants will look too full. I like the flat, no-pleat front (one of the reasons I bought the pattern). I could use a good pair of pants and maybe with the right fabric, these will be fine. I’ve never done a fly, so that will be a challenge worth taking. Anyway, I’ll have to think about it and see what fabric I have at home, or what I can find that will be a good choice. I think in order for them to look really nice, the fabric will have to hang a certain way.

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  1. You're on a great start! Glad you bit the bullet and completed that muslin! Whenever I complete something that I've been procrastinating on…it's such a relief that I feel really good moving forward on the next project! Can't wait to see your completed pants! Good Luck!

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