Fall sewing McCall’s 6803 sweater & McCall’s 6474 nightgown

I finished these two items last week. 

First, the sweater (M6803). This is SO easy to make. and, for me, it’s the perfect style of sweater – V-neck cardigan with buttons and pockets. I made mine from a cotton knit. I’ve had the striped material for at least a year. The black band was from material I had saved from a previous project. 

This is a “unisex” pattern, so I made the medium. I love that this can be made from a regular cotton interlock knit (what I used), or it can be made from sweatshirt fleece or sweater knit! That gives you plenty of options to make it as thick and warm as you like, or you can keep it lighter and use it as a layering piece.

There as also welt pockets, in-seam pockets or the patch pockets that I used. This is definitely something that I can see myself making again!

Now the nightgown. I had enough fabric left over from the sweater that I made this short-sleeve nightgown too. It’s M6474. The pattern has a long or short sleeve or sleeveless gown or top. It also has a tunic top or shorter top with long pj pants or capri pants. 

This is also easy and quick to make. It took less than an hour to put together. 
So, that’s all for now. I’ve got to get more fall sewing done!

8 thoughts on “Fall sewing McCall’s 6803 sweater & McCall’s 6474 nightgown

  1. I bought a striped polyester double knit that is begging to be a cardigan. I'll have to give this pattern a look. I like how you trimmed the front band and cuffs in a solid color. Well done!

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