I finally finished the pants I started about a month ago. I really hadn’t intended for it to take this long, but I lost my sewing “mojo” and I had to get it back! So I completed the project. It’s Simplicity 2562. I made the view without cuffs. While I like the pants and they were very easy to make, I think that if I made them again, I would cut them a size smaller. I started to do that, but I followed

the directions and went with what the pattern says is the right size for me (16, curvy). This is one of the Amazing Fit patterns, so you chose a size based on your measurements for slim, average or curvy. I think I could have gone with the 16 average or 14 curvy. Anyway, this was also my first attempt at making a fly. This went surprisingly well. The directions were clear on what to do. I’m not sure if I would use this pattern again only because the pants are fuller than what I would usually like, but they did turn out well and they fit well.

4 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Yes, it does hang well! Spectacular sewing by you, too. I like the false feeling of slenderness that roomy clothes give me 🙂 If I had your body and were going to sew another pair using the same pattern I would cut a 12 curvy and enlarge the waist to 14. But I don't know your choices. Based on the apparent roominess shown in the photos, I would try 2 sizes smaller whether 16 to 12 or "curvy" to "stick-like" :). Of course, a different fabric will not be completely predictable. Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures.

  2. Thanks Myra. The fabric is a poly blend (washable). It hangs really well and is very soft. It actually was a remnant piece I bought on sale.

  3. I really like the style of slacks you've made and agree with you on the sizing. This is really nice fabric you selected, the color is great! What type of fabric is it??

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