Finishing out the year…

It’s time for me to start thinking about what goals I want to accomplish for 2015. I have done more sewing in 2014 than I think I ever have in one single year! That is due to the RTW (ready-to-wear) fast that I participated in this year. I plan to do the same next year. I have had so much fun sewing things (for myself) and trying new techniques that it’s really been a great learning experience for me.

But, I’m still working on the coat. I had originally decided on Vogue 9069.

V9069, Misses' Coat and Belt
Then I realized that the pattern I purchased was too big (I made a muslin). I bought this in a large and it’s just too large. So, I decided I would make a different coat. But the problem is I really like this one. So, as I type this blog post, I am drying the fabric and lining I’m going to use for this. I re-sized my muslin (one thing I’ve learned to do pretty quickly this year), and will, hopefully this week, make or at least start this coat. Then I will have ended the year as it began – with a coat.
This is Vogue 8933 that I made in January.
So I hope to do another post before the end of the year. In any case, I wish you all Happy Holidays! Today (December 16) is my birthday so I will be celebrating with my family and NOT cooking tonight.

10 thoughts on “Finishing out the year…

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and Happy Belated Birthday too!) I joined you in the 2014 RTW fast and enjoyed it too! Unfortunately, I won't be joining for 2015, but I truly wish you the best and will be watching for your great creations!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday! Your purple coat is gorgeous…what a beautiful vibrant color. If you really like Vogue 9069, go for it! You have smartly made a muslin to work out the fit issues so it will work out just fine!

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