First project of the year – DONE!

I just completed Vogue 8933. I made view A which is the short jacket. The pattern calls for contrast sleeves, but I used only one fabric for the jacket. I really like the style of this jacket and I find the length to be perfect when I have to drive while wearing it (I don’t care for long coats particularly in the car). I did change how the collar functions. what I mean by that is the pattern calls for hooks and eyes to close the collar around the neck. I actually did sew them on. Then, after I tried on the coat, I didn’t like how it looked, so I removed them. Now what I do is wrap the collar piece around my neck and snap the coat closed (that’s how it’s shown in the pictured). I like this look and feel much better.

Here is a close up of the fabric. It’s a wool herringbone that I bought at JoAnn’s. This jacket is quite warm!

Now, on to the next project!

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