Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year to all! I know it’s hard to believe it’s 2018, but here we are. So I wanted to give you all a quick glimpse at how I put together my goals and focus list as it relates to my sewing. I posted a picture on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sewlimitless/) and got a lot of response, so here it is more in-depth.

This is a picture of my “brain dump” for my sewing goals and focus for the new year. I wrote down anything that came to mind in regards to what I want to do or challenge myself with this year.

The next thing I did was to highlight based on different categories. In other words, I reviewed what I had written and  started to notice different themes.

Then I put this information into 4 categories and listed some of the topics I’d written.

Having a list of 4 simple items helps me to focus on these items in terms of what I want to accomplish this year. Almost every project will fall into one or more of these categories. This just helps my brain to not get so overwhelmed with all the new things to do as the year progresses. At least, that is the goal. I’ve never done the list quite like this before, so I’m trying something new. It’s a good reminder for me when I’m not sure what to do next.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have gotten into your sewing projects (I haven’t made anything yet).

Until next time (which I hope to be soon)… Happy sewing everyone!

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