Hot Patterns Montpellier Dress – Really is Fast and Fabulous!

This is one of those patterns that I knew I wanted the minute I saw it.

It’s just one of those easy, breezy simple to wear in the summer dresses. So I made this from a linen-like fabric in navy blue. 

There were a few alterations I made in order to get to this point. I did make a muslin of the dress and basically worked in stages so that I could see the effects of each change I made.
First, I shortened it by 3″. I knew it would need to be shortened just from the picture on the envelope. The muslin cut my leg off at a weird (unflattering) spot, so 3″ off to start. 
Then it was VERY full so I needed to reduce the fullness, but keep the shape of the dress. So, I marked the waist on the muslin, then added a dart in the front (you really can’t tell with the dark, solid fabric) that extends from the waist to the hem.

I reshaped the curve a little about 1/2″ to reduce it in the back. Since the back has a seam anyway, that was easy to sew the “new” seam. The front I actually did cut on the fold and added the dart as mentioned above. 
The only thing I had actual trouble with was the in-seam pocket. I really wasn’t getting the instructions, so I did it the way I knew how. I cut off the facing and reshaped the pocket to get it done.
While all of this sounds like a lot, it took a few hours to work out the adjustments. Actual construction was pretty fast (about 4 hours). This dress is perfect for a linen blend or some other breezy type of fabric. It’ll be great for summer weather.

That’s all for now. On to the next project…

22 thoughts on “Hot Patterns Montpellier Dress – Really is Fast and Fabulous!

  1. Colour is exquisite on you, and the fit was well worth the tweaks. I have made this dress twice, and even once shortened it to a tunic. Love it!

  2. Hi, I saw this in the Hot Patterns sewing group, and it is beautiful! Thank you for showing us your muslin and chatting about your process. You look fabulous in this!

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