Jalie #3461 Pull-on Jeans!

So, when I saw people raving about this pattern and these jeans, I knew I would have to give them a try. It’s been around 90 degrees here, so making jeans has not been a high priority for me. But now that I feel that Fall is coming, I wanted to get these done. And I am SO glad I did.

I have to say, these jeans are as great as everyone has said they are!

They are very comfortable and are just like jeans, but pull-on. 

I used a stretch twill for these. I used this pair as a wearable muslin since I didn’t know how they would fit. While the pictures look like they are really pulling in the front, they don’t feel that way. You must make sure to use a fabric with the correct amount of stretch as the pattern tells you. I used the measurements on the envelope to determine my size and that’s what I made. I needed less adjustments with these than with regular jeans patterns. The only thing I did was to slightly pull in the elastic in the back in order to eliminate any back gap I might have (as is the case with regular jeans).

While there are no actual front pockets, the back pockets are real. 

This is a pattern I can see making again. I’d like to find a patterned stretch twill or denim for the next pair. 

10 thoughts on “Jalie #3461 Pull-on Jeans!

  1. What a great fit on you! I know you mentioned this was a muslin, however I love them and the color! I have the regular Jalie Jean pattern and like that one… I have no idea why I didn't pick up this one! I will now though! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Nice work! It would be an easy pattern hack to add front pockets. Wonder why they didn't do that? I need front pockets in everything!

  3. I see you have been busy sewing up one of your new patterns! Looks great; and you look gorgeous in them. I have never attempted a pair of jeans. These are approachable for someone like me.

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