January BurdaStyle Make – Sweatshirt

Like I’m not doing enough challenges, I decided to give the monthly Burda challenge a try. I was thinking about this anyway since I’ve been getting the magazine for a few years now. If you’re not familiar, the challenge involves making something from that current month’s magazine. If you can’t find anything you like in that magazine, then you can choose a previous year’s magazine. Dawn talks about it here in her blog. So why not.

This is my first make. I just wanted to do something quick and easy, since I just decided that I wanted to try this and the month is almost over!

I used sweatshirt fleece that I already had on my sewing table waiting for a project.

This only has four pieces, so how hard could it be? With the sweatshirt fleece it’s quite warm and cozy. Temps were in the 20s when I took these pictures, so I only took a few.

So next time, I’ll try something more difficult (unless I run out of days again).

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