January Jacket Vogue 8758

I started this project about a week ago with the muslin I made. 

I chose this pattern because I thought it had interesting lines and details, but wouldn’t be a difficult project to make. I believe the pattern is out of print, but this is one of Vogues wardrobe patterns. 

I did make the dress here a couple of years ago. As far as the muslin is concerned, here’s a tip that might help someone: I always like to use different color thread for the top and bobbin. It just helps me to see if there was some problem I had during the construction that I might want to keep in mind when I make the garment. It also helps me use up any unusual-colored thread I might have purchased for a particular project that I’ll probably never need again. 

But here is the jacket so far… 

That’s ll for now. I hope to show you the finished garment soon!

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