Jeans success!!

I have tried more than once to make myself a pair of jeans. In the past I have just given up or messed up so I never got it right. Well finally, I have a pair of jeans that I can actually wear. I used Vogue 1204. I originally bought this pattern for the jeans, then was too afraid to try them. But, after giving it another try last week, it all worked out. I used fuchsia denim for these. I made the size 14, although they are probably between a 14-16. I made some alterations like narrowing the waist and hip (2″ in the waist and about 1″ in the hip) and slightly increasing the thigh to fit between the 14 and 16. These are skinny jeans but I did want to be able to sit and move in them.  The finished product fits well, although I will narrow the waist more on the next pair. Currently I’m making another pair in cobalt blue. So now I have achieved two of my sewing goals for this year. One was to enter a contest on I did that with the red dress. Another was to make a pair of jeans that I could actually wear. And now I’ve done that. So, now I need to keep improving my skills.

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