March BurdaStyle Coat

While I was just about ready to give up on the BurdaStyle challenge (to make at least one garment a month from the magazine), I decided I couldn’t quit after just 2 months. So I made this coat which is really nice for Spring.

I used a washable linen blend fabric. I like the style and the fit. This is actually one of the older patterns. It’s 03/2012 #110.

There are in-seam pockets (a must-have) and a pretty simple design. The only problem I had is the lining. I didn’t do a great job cutting it out, so it’s a bit wonky on the inside. This is the kind of thing I can see making again, though.

Next time I’ll do a better job on cutting out the lining. But, this was actually very easy and fairly quick to make. There are no buttons or snaps for closure and the magazine has variations that can be made with the pattern.

Anyway, now I know that I need to pay more attention when cutting out the lining (like making sure the pieces don’t slide around). It’s all a learning experience!

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