Maybe my last summer project…

I made McCall’s 6747. I really liked the easy, relaxed style for summer especially. I made this in View B. When I bought the pattern, the only size available at the store was a large. I didn’t think it would be a problem since the measurements are compatible to mine. I should have gotten a medium. What I ended up doing was cutting the side seams down to about a medium (or smaller) once I tried it on. I removed about an inch from each side. This was easy enough to do, but I think it’s just easier to buy the right size from the beginning. I also took in the back seam about 3/4″. I re-sized the sleeves to fit really well. I should have cut the neck band down more, though, because I think it’s not supposed to fit as loose at the neck as it does. Live and learn.

With all that being said, I do like the fit and feel of the dress. I show it with a belt since I just wanted a more fitted feel, but it can be worn with or without a belt.

So now I think it’s time for me to start working on some early Fall projects. I do have big plans, but we’ll see how much I can get done.

10 thoughts on “Maybe my last summer project…

  1. This is cute on you….and you look very comfortable. Maybe it's just the way you've posed the photo, but the neckline really doesn't look too big. I haven't sewn anything for myself in such a long time….weight gain, & just the call of other things have meant that my sewing machine either sits idle, or is used mainly for mending projects.


  2. I am so grateful to people who share their sewing projects. I passed on this pattern the first time I saw it. Your dress looks comfortable and carefree. Well done.

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