McCalls 2401

I’m particularly interested in making myself some dresses and skirts for spring and summer. I find that they tend to keep me cooler than long pants when it gets really hot and humid around here. But that’s going to be awhile because the weather here has been anything but spring-like. Today was a good day, so I went out and took some pictures.

This is McCall’s 2401, which is a basic sheath dress.

Although I’ve made the dress before, I’ve never made it with sleeves and the square neck.

I used stretch cotton twill which is pretty lightweight. I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern. I did take the back dart all the way up to the neckline. I found that the back of the dress was too lose and I needed to reduce that somehow. While that worked out fine, if I make this again, I would just make the adjustment before cutting it out (like you’re supposed to).

Anyway, I like it and I like the print. I knew the dress was going to have to have a  simple design with such a bold print.

13 thoughts on “McCalls 2401

  1. That was a simple solution, for sure! I'll need to remember to take a better look at the back fit next time I work with a deeper neckline. It might be just the tweak required! Mrs. L from CO

  2. I think the finished dress is beautiful, and it looks like it fits you to a "T". The square neckline suits you, too. Do you ever have problems with a neckline like that gapping, and if so, how do you adjust for that? Mrs. L from CO

  3. I am partial to large florals on fabric and have been saving sme of it because. Wasn't sure what pattern to use. I like this pattern a lot and the flowers look great.

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