McCall’s 5252 – DONE!

This is a situation where I purchased the fabric without a clear idea of what I wanted to do with it. Well, that was probably about 5 years ago. Then about 2 years ago, when I decided I would make this top, I got everything prepped and ready to go. But, then it went nowhere. So I finally decided to go ahead and get it done. Of course, it only took a few hours of actual sewing time to put this together.

Anyway, it’s warm, comfortable, and it fits well. I did shorten it quite a bit. I think the top would have been too long otherwise. It is made from fleece, so it’s very soft. It’s pretty straight-forward. I would definitely make something like this again. The pattern has lots of variations, so for me, this is a pattern worth having.

And since I joined the RTW (ready-to-wear) fast, I feel good and motivated that I’ve gotten another project done!

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