McCall’s 6208 Cardigan

So I have just completed the last project I plan to do before I start my red dress contest entry. This pattern is a cardigan with various options (sleeves, sleeveless, pockets, no pockets, etc.). I made a variation of one of the options. I combined View E (long sleeves without pockets) with View D (sleeveless with pockets) to make mine.
This is something quick to make (although I did have some trouble with the neck). I used a sweat shirt material that I’ve had for a while. I’m still working on ridding myself of a good bit of the fabric I have at home. This pattern is for stretch knits and the fabric I used probably doesn’t fall into that category, but it worked out well and it serves my purpose. I made this in a medium.

One thought on “McCall’s 6208 Cardigan

  1. This is really nice! I love the "luxurious" plush look of the fabric! The color is awesome too! I've not seen this pattern before and really like the red version as well! Think I'll have to run out and get this one! great job!

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