McCall’s 6610…again

I made another pair of these jeans a couple of weeks ago. I basically made the 16, then narrowed the legs down to where I wanted them. I like this pair, but they are a little big in the waist. The material is a stretch denim. I think I should have just made the 14.

They fit well with a belt, so I’ll definitely use them.

I should also add that these are the first pair where I used actual jean top-stitching thread. It was a bit of a pain to keep changing thread, but I like the look.

I hope to have a post about my latest project soon!

12 thoughts on “McCall’s 6610…again

  1. These are a great looking pair of jeans! The top stitching is impeccable! Yes, when I'm working with stretch denim, I always go a size smaller too! Great job!

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