McCall’s 6844 Cardigan

I love this pattern! It was easy to make (it only took a few hours with the serger). I fits well. And it’s the kind of thing that, depending on the fabric, you could dress up or down.

I made View A. I did grade up to the large from the medium (which is what I bought). I think I bought this on sale and the only size they had was XS-S-M. Sometimes I’m delusional about sizes…anywhoo. I really like the fit.

The whole point is to have a well-fitting garment, and I think I’ve achieved that. The only change I would make is to lengthen the front band. It doesn’t seem to meet the hem like it’s supposed to. I did have to work with it for a bit. And I was aware ahead of time that that was the only sticking point for most people. So next time, I’ll just make the band longer (it only needs about 1 5/8″). That extra inch is going to alleviate my stress!

This is something that I will definitely make again!

5 thoughts on “McCall’s 6844 Cardigan

  1. Okay…so I'm catching up on my blog commenting. This is THE cutest cardigan. Did you mention the type of fabric you used. Yes I would say that you achieved a great fit. Couple hours on the serger huh? I've seen this pattern made up before but I love this version…what IS that fabric? Very nice!

  2. Thanks Tomasa. It's the front band piece that is too short to fit around the front of the sweater (it's supposed to go to the hem). It's about an inch or so too short (in my opinion). But you're right about the RTW. I do love the style of the sweater!

  3. Sooo cute! It fits you beautifully. Love the print you chose. Don't worry about the front being too short on this one. I see many outfits in ready-to-wear where this is done deliberately – so you are on trend! You look great.

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