My next project

I have decided to try Vogue 7975 as my next project. I want to make the view with the 3/4 sleeves, but possibly with the chenille trim around it. I have some pink linen-look fabric I want to use. I’ve had trouble finding the trim I want, so I’m still looking for that. I can’t find chenille trim. I have found some satin ribbon that would look nice, but I had my heart set on the chenille, so we’ll see. I haven’t gotten around to making the muslin yet. I hope to at least start that this weekend.

But I had a great conversation with the salesperson at G Street Fabrics today about interfacing. So told me what she uses for everything(French Fuse)and she does make all her own clothes (mostly tailored). Isn’t it great to get helpful information? Especially after having some bad interfacing experiences…

I’ll keep you posted on the jacket progress.

2 thoughts on “My next project

  1. I purchased this pattern over the weekend at Handcock's $3.99 Vogue Pattern sale. I'm planning on using "Gloria" (my recently purchased dressform) for the 2nd time to make a muslin and then the original. Still a little nervous about "Glo" (she's a big ole girl).

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