Quick and Easy Vogue 8750 Skirt

I recently had to attend a memorial service and I needed something to wear. Fortunately, I tried on some clothes the day before the event and realized that what I had just wouldn’t do. The dress and skirt were too small. Luckily, I had a piece of black fabric in my stash and this pattern:

I decided on View A because I had just enough fabric to make it (less than a yard). I used a polyester crepe material for this.  The lines in this pattern make a simple fitted skirt much more interesting. 
The back yoke makes fitting the skirt much easier. While this pattern looks complicated, I assure you it’s not. I finished this is about 4 hours. The skirt is unlined and I think that the next time, I will draft a lining pattern for it. 


I didn’t add any design changes or alterations to this since I was in a time crunch. I also don’t think it needs anything (except the lining). The skirt fit perfectly just making it out of the envelope.
Simple, easy, comfortable and quick are the keys to this Vogue Options pattern!

12 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Vogue 8750 Skirt

  1. It's funny how even when we have a closet full of clothes, we so often don't have the right thing for the occasion. Great black skirt that will be able to be styled differently too! Love it when there are no fitting issues. 😉

  2. Cute skirt Denise! And top! Tell me about something being too small. With each new week I vow to get busy working out..,still waiting! May have to check this pattern out.

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