Quick new top

I made this lase weekend. I wanted a sweater-like top that I could wear over another shirt (either a long-sleeve t-shirt or a turtleneck). I searched through my Burda Style magazines (why isn’t there an index like there is in Threads) but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So I made up a pattern for this top. It’s made from a boulce fabric so it’s very soft and comfortable. It’s a bit full, but it can be worn belted which gives it a bit more shape. I made the back longer than the front for coverage. It’s just something that I can mostly wear around the house on those “lazy” days. I still want to find the pattern I had in mind for something like this, but this will do for now.

6 thoughts on “Quick new top

  1. Basically, I took two layers of fabric about 36" wide and the length I wanted. Then I cut out the neck opening (folding the fabric in half makes it a little easier), then cut out the sides and arms so it looked like a "T" with a neck opening. I sewed the side and arms. I then made a tube from the fabric that became the cowl neck, and sewed that on. I made a muslin first but basically, that's it!Maybe I can do a diagram later and post it.

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