Quickie – not!

This was supposed to be a quick little project for me. I’ve made this pattern before (Vogue 8536) and really wanted a quick project. I’ve had this material for a while and really liked the design. I had already  made a small infinity scarf that I wore all winter. I wanted another project that would use most of the remaining material which is some kind of polyester knit. But I needed something that wasn’t going to require a lot of material to make, which is why I chose this pattern and the sleeveless top.

The problem I had is that the “V” is too deep. So I added a piece for additional coverage. It took a while to get the piece adjusted correctly. Anyway, what I thought would take a couple of hours, I ended up working on for a couple of days. Isn’t that how things go sometimes? At least after all that, I’m happy with the results.

And now the mint green stretch twill I ordered for my daughter’s jeans has arrived, so getting those done will be my next project. I know, more jeans, but I really like making them! My daughter wants them “skinnier” than the last pair, so we’ll see if I can deliver…

2 thoughts on “Quickie – not!

  1. You're absolutely correct…that is how it goes sometimes! However, your results turned out very nice! Good luck with your daughter's jeans!

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