Recently finished projects…

Over the past week or two, I have completed a few things. The robe is something I copied from a summer robe I’ve had for about 10 years. The fabric is really starting to wear pretty thin, so I decided I’d copy it while I could. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I made one up in muslin first which served as my pattern. I never thought I could actually do this until I copied an apron for a friend and made that for her. That served as a real confidence boost for me. I bought the material for this at G Street Fabrics.

Then I completed the skirt I had cut out (before I had even started the robe). This is the other “Sew Serendipity” skirt that I wanted to make. The yellow binding is at the top of the pocket.

Then the T-shirt. It’s Vogue 8536. I think I have found the perfect T-shirt pattern! I’m always looking for T’s that aren’t too clingy or too low or too whatever… This is one I’m really happy with. And it’s easy to make. I already have another one cut out that I’ll get to work on as soon as I get the right color thread!

3 thoughts on “Recently finished projects…

  1. It was really hot here (over 100 degrees) so, what better to do than sew in my cool basement sewing room? LOL! But thanks for the compliments. I realize I could blog more, but I'd spend so much time on the computer, I wouldn't get any sewing done!

  2. You've been busy! Love all of these projects, especially that little skirt! I am really beginning to like the quilting section of the fabric store – there are some hidden treasures there!

  3. Very cute robe!! Love your skirt and top too! The top is definitely a basic!! My, you have been busy! I wish I could find more time to get things done! One of my problems is this darn computer!!! I get "sucked" in when I get home, then hours later, I'm still here!!!

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