Snow Sewing

While we were here being snowed in by the blizzard, I decided to pull out some projects that I haven’t taken the time to do otherwise. So one thing was this Kwik Sew 3455 pattern for work out wear.

I’ve made the pants before here and I’ve been intending to make the top for a while. So, a snow day was the perfect opportunity. I don’t know if any of you have made something like this before, but I highly recommend it. If you want a quick, easy project, give something like this a try. I really like this particular pattern. It’s knit, so there aren’t really any adjustments to make. And it’s a good stash-busting pattern. With the contrast fabric, each piece needed was less than a yard.

Now I can get back to my regular work outs that don’t involve shoveling snow!

Until next time…

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