Morgan Boyfriend Jeans

I have to say that I have made several pairs of jeans in the past using different patterns. This is the first time I was able to use a pattern pretty much right from the start with little to no alterations. Woo hoo! Once I got the sizing right, this pattern worked great.

Morgan Boyfriend jeans, Closet Case Patterns

As many of you are aware, “boyfriend” jeans have a more relaxed fit. Because of that, this pattern is sized for non-stretch denim. It’s also important to note that even non-stretch denim will stretch with wear.

What I used for these was just a medium weight, white denim. The only thing I changed with this particular pattern is I used a zipper, rather than the button fly front that the pattern calls for. I suggest using a 7″ zipper for this. That length seems to work best without being too short or having to be cut and made shorter.

This PDF pattern from Closet Case Patterns is definitely a keeper!