Making Tops With Angela Wolf

Okay. So not exactly with her, but using her “Delila” pattern. There are 9 versions to make with this ONE pattern! I love that because right off the bat, I feel like I’ve really gotten my money’s worth.  This is a versatile and easy pattern to make.



I made two  of these tops. The top one is made from a cotton blend knit with metal pieces for decoration. the bottom is an ITY knit that has more of a four-way stretch. The extra stretch of the bottom one make it very comfortable. That was the second one that I made and I did it in about 1-1/2 hours.


Both of these tops are the same version (with the cuff added). I really like the length of the top too. I find them easy to wear and move in.

The neck binding is attached in a way I’ve never done before, but it works so well, I’ve started doing other knit tops the same way. The neck binding piece is attached, then folded over the raw seam allowance, then topstitched down. It’s much easier than any other attachment I’ve done and I get better, more professional-looking results.

The only problem I had with sewing the tops happened when making the dark blue (with metal) top.

Apparently, this is what happens when you use a double needle on a fabric with metal pieces and, I suspect, try to sew too fast… No damage to me, the top, or my machine.

Anyway, this is a terrific and versatile pattern that can be used to make something really casual or a bit dressier.