Vogue 8672 skirt completed

This is the latest garment I’ve completed. It’s from the Vogue Options pattern line 8672. I’ve had this pattern for about a year, but never made it. It was very easy to make. There are several options to choose from. I chose View A and I made this in a size 16. As it turned out, I probably could have made the 14 since I did take in the waist. The fabric is an embroidered suede cloth (washable) that I’ve had for at least 2 years.
So, I was happy to use another piece from my fabric stash and use a pattern that I’ve had and hadn’t used before. The embellishment gives the skirt a dressier look which means the pattern is suitable for casual or more elegant fabrics. 
This is a pattern that I can see my self using again!

3 thoughts on “Vogue 8672 skirt completed

  1. I am so impressed that you make your own clothes! And I can totally hear your voice when I am reading your blog. I'll be sure to stop back again.

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