Vogue 8997

I LOVE this dress! It’s feminine without being frilly or fussy. It’s also surprisingly easy to make. This is one of those patterns that I bought because I really liked the style, but then put off actually making. I thought it would be far more complicated than it was. 

I used a linen blend fabric (washable) that I’ve had for a while and a solid purple lining. The only change I made to the pattern was to raise the neckline about 2″. After making the muslin, I decided that that would be a more comfortable neckline for me personally. Originally, the front and back neck are (I believe) about the same depth.

This is not only a great summer dress pattern, but has enough variations (including long sleeves) that it can be made all year.

Until next time…  Happy sewing!

22 thoughts on “Vogue 8997

  1. After looking at all the other pictures: I like your choice of fabrics and patterns. They all look good on you! Congratulations!
    Traudl from Austria

  2. I really love this dress on you! The fabric is so lovely and perfect for summer! I wish I could look that pretty in a one piece dress!

  3. Looking good! I made this with less volume in the still full skirt, plus the usual shoulder adjustments, and enjoy wearing it.

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