You know you sew a lot when…

You know you sew a lot when you can’t go shopping without thinking “I could make that just as well (or better) and for less!” I recently went shopping with my daughter and that thought kept coming into my head. Luckily, I was mostly interested in getting some shoes for myself. I did have some success, but still, I kept thinking, “too bad I can’t make my own shoes.”

I recently (today) finished Vogue 8774 for my daughter. Her 23rd birthday is this week so I really wanted to get them done. I hope to get her to model them for the blog so I can post those pictures along with a review.

But on our shopping excursion, I did get some needed sewing inspiration. The temperatures have really warmed up here, so I’m trying to plug some holes in my wardrobe and make some Spring/Summer outfits. I actually have several things planned. I just have to keep sewing so I can get them all done.

5 thoughts on “You know you sew a lot when…

  1. Oh my gosh sometimes I think that statement is a curse!!!!! You can't possibly sew everything unless you have no other life!!! But your brain sure makes you think that! Still, I'll never give up sewing!

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