Blue camo stretch jeans using Vogue 8774!

I have made so many pairs of these jeans, I’ve lost count. It’s one of those patterns that I have altered to fit me the way I like. This time around though, I used a very stretchy blue camouflage denim. There’s probably close to 25% stretch in the fabric. I had originally bought it to make another pair of the Jalie pull-on jeans (shown here). 

The material was a little difficult initially to work with because of the amount of stretch in the fabric. That took a little getting used to. But I do love the results.

This is shown with the Burda Style black turtleneck I made here

This pattern is really a classic jeans pattern. I use a jean button rather than the hook and eye closure in the instructions. If you want a great jeans pattern or want to try something like this for yourself, I think this is a terrific pattern to use. Maybe in another post, I’ll show you what my pattern pieces look like and how I get really reusable pattern pieces for those TNT patterns!

10 thoughts on “Blue camo stretch jeans using Vogue 8774!

  1. These jeans look great! And comfortable. I will look into this pattern for pants next time I consider making some.

  2. These look great! Im really hoping to work on those TNT patterns…It takes so much time to get things just right fit-wise and then (hopefully) the payoff is enormous when you can make a bunch of the same pattern! Hoping to get there sooner than later…

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