(Gaping) Holes in my wardrobe

Last week my husband and I went to a cocktail/dinner party. While trying to get ready and figure out what to wear, I realized that I have some gaping holes in my wardrobe. Fortunately this past spring I had made my first (and only) LBD. It’s made in a linen-like fabric and was perfect to wear for a warm evening out. But that’s pretty much all I have to wear for a nice evening out. I convinced myself that I didn’t need nice clothes since I’m a SAHM. But I don’t live in a cave and it’s not like I never go out. I have nice clothes, but nothing really dressy. So now I have a clearer focus on what I should be sewing. After I finish the blazer (actually, after I start the blazer), I’ll plan to work on some dress patterns that I have. I’ve even bought fabric, etc. for many of them. And it would be helpful to have some jackets/shrugs to wear with some of the dresses since I sometimes get too hot with long sleeves, but would like something to cover my arms when it’s cold indoors. This is a picture of the dress I wore. I added a sparkly belt to give it a little “umph.”

3 thoughts on “(Gaping) Holes in my wardrobe

  1. Piece by piece I'm trying to work my way through this. I certainly have the patterns. In fact, most of the patterns I buy are for dresses and nice pants. I guess I never sewed with a plan in mind before, so I think that's what I need to work on.

  2. "I convinced myself that I didn't need nice clothes since I'm a SAHM"

    This sounds so much like me. My wardrobe is seriously lacking. I am a beginner but I am going to try and sew my way through this dilemma.

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